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“What do ya think yer doin’?”
“I’m sorry. What do you mean?”
He grabbed me by the collar and lifted me off the stool. “Ya know what I mean. Ya have been eyeing me girl.”
“I don’t even know which one it would beShort Stories& Such 10: Not Your Average Bar Fight
As usual, I was just minding my own business at this Mexican bar down the street where I live. I was checking out the girls when a man the size of an ape approached me. 
“What do ya think yer doin’?”
“I’m sorry. What do you mean?”
He grabbed me by the collar and lifted me off the stool. “Ya know what I mean. Ya have been eyeing me girl.”
“I don’t even know which one it would be --”
“Ya callin’ me a liar?”
Clearly, he had been drinking way too much liquor. His breath was a stench of axe and olives.
“If you will kindly let me down, I can explain myself.”
“Explain it out back runt.” He pushed me against the bar and shoved me toward the doors.
My knees buckled with each step. The sandwiched alley with one exit out back closed in on me. I perspired, and my heart pulsed fast. I was sure this is what having your heart ripped out felt like. I wasn’t scared about duking it out, but because it wasn’t avoidable, and I would land in the hospital with my arm twisted backward, I endured.
“Well?” He placed his fists in front of his face and maneuvered them like a boxer dancing.
Think, think, think. “Uhhh, how about we settle this the old-fashioned way?”
“What ya talkin’ ‘bout?”
“You agree that fist fights are so old… and there is another way to settle any argument?”
His eyes peered at the people gathered for the big event. “Yeah, like what?”
At least he was hearing me out.
“Like, how about we settle this by having a race to see who makes it to the end first, wins.”
He stopped dancing and looked around again. A woman in an extra short glittery red dress, no straps, and long legs held her hands in prayer. She nodded her head.
“Awright, you got yerself a deal.”
We had two barrels placed at the end of the alley. We made a runner’s stance at the other end. The bartender popped a bottle, and we were off. 
 At first, I thought my idea was stupid because he was right next to me, laughing. Something inside me told me this guy still was going to beat me to a guacamole sauce. So, I mustered the courage to run faster than he did, and when I passed the finish line, I didn’t bother to look back. I just kept going. I came to a standstill about three blocks away. My heart pressed against my chest, ready to burst. That's when I turned, though I was safe from any danger. I veered to the left and ran back to the bar. 
I must have been crazy returning to face the big brute, but something inside me couldn’t let the image of his laughing face go. 
When I got to the front door, my calves pulsed, and sweat dripped down my forehead. I opened the door and spotted him in the midst of boasting about the race. 
“So, yer back fur more?”
I marched toward him and punched him in the nose. He swung at me, and I ducked. I grabbed the stool and lifted it on top of him. He got hold of it with his huge hands.
“Not bad fur a runt.” He gritted.
“Not bad for an ape,” I chided.
He let go and chuckled at first, then bolstered a laugh. 
Seeing his mood had changed, I lowered the stool and joined him.
Soon, everyone joined us, but I should have paid attention. A fist struck me across the face, and I was down for hours.
<![CDATA[Writer’s Workshop: False epiphanies I have had…]]>Tue, 25 Jun 2024 17:00:00 GMThttp://aranaeditingservices.com/blog/writers-workshop-false-epiphanies-i-have-hadFalse epiphanies’ is a prompt I came across while writing my Young Adult novel about a turbulent father-son relationship. I wanted to share a scene that I had written for this prompt based on the novel. Sadly, I had to scrap the whole thing from the book during the revision stages.
It’s all part of the editing process (sigh). You have to learn to take things out in order to tighten the story.

The next-door neighbor waved to me from her porch while I watered the grass. Her tulips gathered around the fence, along with pink and yellow roses that brightened the driveway. Petals had fallen from the strong breeze, and Dad’s truck was gone again, but it didn’t bother me as much as before. It’s not that I accepted it. As the breeze kicked up, the cold water struck my cheeks and arms. I shivered. Dad would always be away somewhere. What’s so hard about a quick hello or a basketball game? He’d never change, and it’s foolish of me to consider it.
What about you? What do the words: “False Epiphanies,” conjure in your mind?
Take a moment and write about it.

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<![CDATA[Pet News: Pet Teachings]]>Tue, 14 May 2024 17:00:00 GMThttp://aranaeditingservices.com/blog/pet-news-pet-teachings]]><![CDATA[Writer’s Workshops: Shoes, Show, and Tell]]>Tue, 23 Apr 2024 17:00:00 GMThttp://aranaeditingservices.com/blog/writers-workshops-shoes-show-and-tellA poetry prompt asked writers to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. 
I decided to take this prompt and become one of my friends who had a crush on a waiter. 
The idea was to convey the feelings of the character through images. 
This is a good exercise, especially when writers get asked to show rather than tell, which usually means describing using the five senses.
You can view the poem, Hidden Crush
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<![CDATA[Short Stories & Such: One Very Memorable Night]]>Tue, 26 Mar 2024 17:00:00 GMThttp://aranaeditingservices.com/blog/short-stories-such-one-very-memorable-night                                                       One very memorable night (but not for good reasons)

What a way to celebrate the beginning of a new year with whiskey in hand. No goals set in mind, no wife to come home to, or any just cause to get excited about, even with tax season looming in the air. 
“Another, please!”
“You’d better take it easy, Stan.” The bartender poured the whiskey and wiped the counter with a cloth synchronously.
“Hey.” I pointed. “That’s a neat trick.”
I stared at the liquid in the glass, taking in my skewed reflection. Its eye watching me. Finally, I gulped the horrid liquor down in one shot. As I placed the glass down at the bar, a beautiful woman approached me in red stiletto heels. I almost fell off the stool following her curves. Her brunette hair lay perfectly flat and covered her bare shoulders.
She placed her arm around my neck and gave me an unexpected kiss right on the lips. I closed my eyes for fear of losing her taste. Was I dreaming?
When she stopped, she smiled cocky, and at that moment, I realized she was my old High School sweetheart. I remembered the delicate way she placed her lips on mine and the usual fog of her name. 
She placed her hand on my lap, and this time, I burned with sensation at the feel of her tongue rolling into my mouth again, except it wasn’t her tongue, but something cold attaching to my inside cheek. I almost swallowed it when she whispered in my ear to follow her. Her breath was unusually hot, but who isn't when you're downing a beer or other concoctions? 
Dutifully, I followed. 
After going upstairs, she turned and pulled me by the belt into a room. She shut the door behind her. She didn’t bother turning the light switch on as she unbuckled my belt. I could smell the jasmine on her hair. 
How far was she going to let me go? It didn't matter. Something struck me on the back of the head, and I swallowed whatever she put in my mouth.
My body fell like a sack of linen. I lay slumped down, ready to barf when I raised my head, and the lights went on. Everything was multicolored on the walls and ceiling. 
Next to my old sweetheart was a large man, and I heard her say, “This one will do nicely.”
It could have been the whiskey talking.
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<![CDATA[Why I Write: The Long Process of Writing]]>Tue, 05 Mar 2024 18:00:00 GMThttp://aranaeditingservices.com/blog/why-i-write-the-long-process-of-writing
I just finished my first edit of my YA novel. Now, I’m setting it aside before I do a final edit. Then, I could look for agents, editors, and publishers. And the process of getting my manuscript into print doesn’t end there.
If you’ve ever written a resume for a position, you know that selling your skills and qualities is key to landing that job. It’s the same with writing, except you sell it. That’s why I worked on my query letter and synopsis while I set my novel aside, and writing them takes a lot more effort.
In a synopsis, you condense much information about the story into 1–2 pages. Having an outline with a short description of what occurred in each chapter helped me organize my thoughts. Another thing that helped me was going online to other blogs for helpful information. There are tons of books on the subject with samples.
The query is probably the hardest to do. That’s the resume part of selling your writing. It’s where you provide the title, a paragraph synopsis, your qualifications, and contact information. If the agent, editor, or publisher didn’t find something that stood out, they might pass on the work.
It’s good to have someone else read your query and synopsis, and you have to go through as many revisions as you did with your manuscript.
The following are some of the websites I browse for more information on writing:
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